Crowd Sourced Live Video Streaming

Welcome to Blynd 1.0
Imagine being able to instantly have live video stream from any event or location from around the world at any time.
Blynd is an app that combines the use of a network of “Blynders” who, much like an Uber driver, are available 24/7 everywhere around the world to send you a live video stream instantly.

About Blynd


Instantly find someone to shoot video for you, anything, any time, anywhere.


Make money while you are out and about responding to requests worldwide to record local people places or things.

Easy to Use

You are just a few clicks away. Signing up is fast and easy.

Global Reach

View record and broadcast local or worldwide.

Make Money

Have a flexible part time job capturing video.

Free to Sign Up
Easy to Use

Quick Access to All

Whether you are looking to make a quick buck recording videos for people or you need someone to source video for you it’s fast and easy to get started with Blynd.

Social Media

By linking their Blynd account with their other social media platforms, users will have a seamless way to share their videos with their social network, and provide an ever expanding user base as well as ability to generate revenue from ad supported videos.

Users can share their live stream in real-time with friends and also post recordings on their Blynd timeline for people to view at a later time.



Blynd users will be offered a series of Instagram like filters that they can apply to their live streams and recorded videos. They can also enable friends viewing the live stream to add filters at the same time providing for a gamification process to attract viewers.